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Yakana – Diseños del Desierto de Atacama – is a propietary and original design initiative based in Iquique city (Northern Chile) which objective is to provide a value alternative celebrating the cultural and natural heritage of our Atacama desert. 


Yakana's creative process is based on field experiences travelling through the several historical sites in the Atacama Desert to collect the ancient rock art and other cultural representations always protecting and looking after the natural elements. 

After taking pictures or drawing the element, we work in design softwares, with great inspiration!


Yakana considers that collaboration among artists and entrepreneurs is a great asset, that's why we invited local artists to participate in our project and thus expand our goals and market. That is how we created Silvestre Collection with Johan Bruna, a local artist, with 7 illustrations of fauna from the Atacama Desert, among them the llama, the condor the puma, the humboldt pinguin, the fox, the flamingo , and the sparrow, representing the different ecological strata of our territory. 


You can find YAKANA products at:

El Huarango Eco-Lodge, km 18 S/N Camino a Pica, Pozo Almonte District, Tarapacá Region, Chile. 

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